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Apolline basil© is our innovative, new compliance management software solution that creates confidence and peace of mind in managing your practice compliance. Apolline basil© is intuitive and extremely user friendly, taking the fear out of compliance management for good and helping you focus energy on managing & growing your business instead. 

Apolline basil© is designed to help practices manage activities on a daily basis to ensure compliance with the requirements laid down by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), The General Dental Council (GDC) and other legislation.

Our cloud- based software creates an efficient and organised approach to managing compliance that saves time and means that you can concentrate of delivering an excellent service to your patients whilst ensuring your practice meets current regulatory standards.


Apolline basil© has the following key features:

  • A compliance ‘dashboard’ with live reporting on your current compliance status
  • A ‘document vault’ that comes with a suite of policies, resources and templates required for your practice to reach compliance
  • Apolline basil© comes pre-loaded with all the tasks required for dental practices to reach regulatory compliance
  • The ability to delegate tasks to ‘linked members’ of your team
  • All tasks come with a detailed description on ‘how to’ complete them.
  • The ability to create customised tasks for your own practice
  • Reminders to ensure that you never miss a task again!
  • Online folders with the ability to upload & store your own practice documents
  • A patient and staff questionnaire function with national benchmarking
  • Stay up to date on current industry guidance & regulations through our messaging portal.
  • The ability to create detailed compliance reports

Create confidence in your compliance management using Apolline basil©


How will Apolline basil© benefit my practice?

  • The organisation and structure behind our innovative compliance software means that everything is in one place and accessible with the touch of a button! The storage facility means that you can upload and store your own practice documents and evidence of compliance in one place. No more hunting through boxes and files!
  • Apolline basil© creates a peace of mind and confidence around your compliance management like never before. Reminders ensure that you will never miss a task again.
  • Create a team approach to your practice compliance by using Apolline basil©. Share knowledge and train your entire team by adding linked members and delegating tasks.
  • You will receive regular updates on new legislation through our messaging portal. This means that you can be confident that you are following the most up to date and current guidance & regulation.
  • Practices will undoubtedly save time and money by managing their compliance in such a streamlined and organised manner.


Apolline basil©   £125+ vat per month (payable monthly by direct debit)

It is designed to be used on a laptop/desktop computer (via the web app) or on a tablet (IOS or Android).


Integrating Apolline basil©

Setting Apolline basil© up involves enabling all the tasks with the practice’s preferred dates for completion e.g. the date an autoclave inspection falls due etc. A comprehensive user guide is provided for practices to do this themselves or, for practices that prefer help with set-up we can provide a remote or in-practice set-up service.


Fees for remote or in-practice training and set-up

Remote online training: £99 plus VAT

Remote set-up (includes enabling all tasks with the practice’s preferred dates): £250 plus VAT

One day of in-practice setup and training for the whole team: £795 plus VAT

Please note the one day in-practice training and set-up provides comprehensive training for the whole team plus delegation of tasks to individual team members and help with creating the practice’s own tasks.


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